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Re: Atlas and Windows

R Clint Whaley <rwhaley@cs.utk.edu> writes:

> Berthold,
> >I tried again to use Atlas under Win32. I need some Lapack routines
> >and they again need of course BLAS. So I downloaded
> >atlas321_WinNT_PII.zip from netlib, unpacked it and renamed the
> >library files:
> >
> >    libatlas.a    -->  atlas.lib
> >    libcblas.a    -->  cblas.lib
> >    libf77blas.a  -->  f77blas.lib
> >    liblapack.a   -->  lapack.lib
> >
> >then I unpacked lapack-pc.zip also from netlib. I changed make.inc to
> OK, the download comments for atlas321_WinNT_PII.zip are:
> for     Windows NT/2000 Intel PII with 512K L2
> '       Interfaces for gcc, MSVC++, and Compaq/Dec Visual Fortran
> '       (/iface:cref /iface=nomixed_str_len_arg)
> The makefile you quote shows:
> >OPTS     =3D -optimize:2 -iface:cref  -I"c:/Programme/Microsoft Visual Stud=
> This means the libs will disagree on where the character length arguments
> should be, meaning nothing will work.  You can either compile ATLAS again
> with /icase:cref only, or recompile lapack with /icase:cref AND 
> /iface=nomixed_str_len_arg . . . 
> Note that just changing the flags is not adequate: you will need to recompile
> as well . . .

Thanks alot,

I feel very dumb, but I had too many copies of LAPACK lying on my
hardisk. But anyway, my problems are not totally gone. The application
I'm trying to link has to use the mutithreaded DLL runtime libraries
at linktime. Linking ATLAS with this application gives me a warning
about conflicting defaultlib "libc". When testing the application, one
test fails with a LAPACK routine (ZHEEVR) returning only one of
supposed 15 eigenvalues.

So I recompiled LAPACK with the /MD switch enabled additionally to the
two /iface switches. But then again testing segfaults. So I thougth
maybe I should recompile ATLAS, but when I say "yes" to multithreading
support when configuring, the later make install fails with a missing
libpthreads. I'm not shure what to do about this. I've installed the
latest cygwin version (as of yesterday), but could not find the
library there. Do You have any idea where to search for a solution of
my problem?

Thank You


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