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Using clapack_<>gesv routine

Greetings !
My name is Fabio Cecconi and i have to program in C .For my studies i
need to solve linear systems like A*x = b , and i think gesv functions
in clapack are adequate .My computer's OS is Linux (mandrake
distribution ) and the rooter has installed ATLAS libraries on it for
me , but i don't know how to use them because i haven't experience whit
C programming language . So i need to know which libraries i must
include in my program to use gesv routine , the meaning of the first
parameter to pass ( const enum CBlasOrder Order ) and how i must
declare it .
Finally , i'd like to know which options i have to use during the
compilation of progam whit gcc 2.95.3 .
It'd be very useful for me example codes using gesv routines.
Thanks for all .

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