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RE: Speeding up ATLAS build time


I intend to ensure that the actual timing
runs are not done in parallel.  I intend to
pore through the code and everywhere a make
is done that just builds object files, 
libraries, or executables, I will switch to
a parametrized make command, which would be
act as a "make -j 2*NPROCESSOR" if "make -j"
is OK, and "make" otherwise.  In order to
not screw up the serial install, I intend
to modify setup.c to check that "make -j N"
works, and to add a flag that says that
parallel makes are OK.  



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> Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 7:35 PM
> To: R Clint Whaley
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> Subject: Re: Speeding up ATLAS build time
> Greetings!  Sounds like a great idea too, but would the compiles
> running in parallel mess up the timings?  Or do you intend to make
> sure that just one timing process runs at a time?
> Take care,
> R Clint Whaley <rwhaley@cs.utk.edu> writes:
> > Carl,
> > 
> > >At any rate, I have been thinking of ways to speed up the
> > >build time.  In my experience, it is almost always faster
> > >to use "make -j N", where N is usually 2 or 3 times the
> > >number of processors.  Particularly on my dual processor
> > >machine, it would be really nice to (roughly) halve the
> > >build time.  I am starting to go through ATLAS to figure
> > >out how to modify the system so it can automatically
> > >use "make -j N" while building libraries and executables,
> > >and "make" while doing timing runs.
> > >
> > >If/when I get it working, would you like me to send you
> > >a patch file?
> > 
> > This is an excellent idea, and please do send it in if you 
> get it rolling.
> > If the required changes do not mess up the serial install, and don't
> > require non-portable make stuff, this would be a great boon 
> to the package.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Clint
> > 
> > 
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