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Re: updated P4 timings


>Greetings!  Just an update on the P4 SSE2.  Downloaded the intel specs
>today, and it seems as though all the instructions are the same with
>the trailing 's' replaced by a 'd', i.e. addps -> addpd, etc.  Anyway,
>it seems as though the assembler has not yet caugt up with this:
>Guess we have to wait for a new assembler update.

First, thanks for scoping this out.  Second, I went to the binutils directory
on www.gnu.org, and found some comments indicating the newest stuff has
support for SSE2.  However, I couldn't figure out much more than that.  So,
I grabbed last night's snapshot, and installed it on torc19.  If you put
/home/rwhaley/local/P4/bin as the first entry in your path, I think gcc
will use the one I installed.  Can you see if that guy will compile your
routine?  If not, maybe you can post a very simple SSE2 file, so we can
iterate until we get an assembler and/or gcc that can handle the SSE2
stuff, without having to have you test each one . . .