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Re: ATLAS + Xeon


>We have cluster of 32 4Way nodes, build with Intel PIII Xeon 700 MHz w/1
>MB L2 cache.
>Our problem is, ATLAS reports only 700 MFLOPS per CPU, which means he
>can't recognize SSE (during compilation phase, when he check for
>SSE/3DNow! he reports that none found).
>My question is: is there any way to force ATLAS to using SSE extensions ?

This strikes me as more of a help question (should go to atlas@cs.utk.edu)
than a developer question (what the misnamed atlas-comm is for).  Anyway,
if the check reports no SSE, then you probably need to upgrade your kernel
to one that allows the use of SSE (assuming you are using Linux, you must use
a new kernel or get an SSE patch for the older kernels in order to enable SSE).

Once you get that rolling, be sure to check the errata file: I screwed the
Level 2 BLAS SSE usage up, and should be posting a fix for that today or
tomorrow (Level 3 and the test works fine, so that's not your prob).