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final 3.1 developer release


Developer 3.1.6 has been posted (www.cs.utk.edu/~rwhaley/ATLAS/OS).  This
should be the final developer release before the stable 3.2 release.  It
is very close to 3.2, with testing, documentation updates, and fixing
architectural defaults the main outstanding issues.  Threading and
all user contributed stuff should be in and working.

There's a boatload of changes from last time.  The Level 1 BLAS have been
sped up a bit, IA64 performance has been doubled, Camm's stuff makes the
single precision L3 and all precision L2 smoke on the PIII, and Peter's
 3DNow! is an option on Athlons.  atlas_contrib.ps has also been updated,
explaining how to force ATLAS to use your kernel, and analyzing the
importance of cleanup.  Also, the usual bugfixes.