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Re: xdl2blastst


>Hi Clint!  In checking this out, I've had a question.  On line 195 of
>ATL_gemv.c, you have
>      #ifdef ATL_AXPYMV
>         gemvNaxpy(TA, M, N, alpha, A, lda, X, incX, beta, Y, incY);
>         return;
>      #else
>ATL_AXPYMV is defined for the compiled no-transpose instance for *both
>the trusted and the tester* gemv.  In other words, in my little test
>case when I do a small -A 2 n t -R gemv, the first notranspose case
>doesn't call my code at all, but calls gemvNaxpy twice.  (i.e. both
>when invoked from trusted_gemv and test_gemv in l2blastst.c).  Is this

Nope.  The trusted gemv is the f77 interface gemv from BLASlib.  So, assuming
BLASlib is set, trusted is calling it.

gemvNaxpy is defined in the top of the file ATL_gemv.c, and it just calls
your routine with a differing blocking strategy than the normal, so calls
to gemvNaxpy result in calls to your routine . . .