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Re: DGEMV problems


>OK, I'm trying to confirm, but unfortunately, the install procedure is
>only timing and installing my single precision l2 routines.  (Still
>using 3.1.2D.)  xmvsearch -p d works, and selects my routine, but make
>install arch= doesn't even time all the cases in dcases, just the
>_mm.c case.  I'm looking into this, and will be moving to the new tree
>asap, so may have more info shortly on this.

That's probably because you are using architectural defaults.  To make
a new install probe, after config, but before install, go into
and get rid of the result you don't want (eg., rm sMVRES cMVRES).

Since you are scoping that stuff out, let me encourage the new release
by saying that it also has Peter's SSE in, along with fixes from
me so that the complex case works . . .