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SSE Level 3 drop in gemm

Hi All,

I've (finally) found the time to finish adding my SSE sgemm into ATLAS
as a drop in kernel. Atlas timing says it runs up to 2.39 time faster
than ATLAS when it's computing the cross over points. Two questions:


It compiles fine using the documented instructions for forcing
compilation, but it doesn't seem to automatically detect it during a
normal compilation. For this to work I am guessing all I need to do is 
add the correct UMMdir definition to ATLAS/Make.<arch> before starting the 
./make arch=<arch> install? There is an ATLAS/makes/Make.goto. Do I
need one of these?

2) What's the best way to send in the changes? Complete tar file, tar
file with the changes, patch file?


-Doug  -- http://beaker.anu.edu.au, Ph:(02) 6279-8608, Fax:(02) 6279-8651
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