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Re: developer release 3.1.2


I just returned from vacation; thanks a lot for the complex stuff. 
Looks like GEMV is faster than GEMM for complex; I will look into this,
see if we want a GEMV-based GEMM for this platform, until the emmerald stuff
comes through :)  My guess is no (short vector lengths), but worth a shot,
I guess . . .

Anyway, I haven't scoped it yet, but I'll get it in to a developer
release ASAP (I'm working right now mostly on getting Antoine's
pthreads stuff in) . . .

As to your question, I do not believe inlining is a problem when
the entire lib is compiled with same flags (I have never experienced
the problems with inlining you spoke about); the only tricky thing
I know of is that you need to make damn sure to prototype routines
when they contain single precision scalars; not doing so can cause
seg or bus faults . . .