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Making a Compaq Visual Fortran Linkable Atlas lib

    Today I followed the instructions outlined here :


to make Atlas libraries that are compatible with Digital Visual Fortran.
Everything went smoothly.  Made the config file , then I modified the makefile and
downloaded the winf77.c file and followed the instructions.

Then, upon typing :

make install arch=WinNT_ATHLON

I get the following :

bash-2.04$ make install arch=WinNT_ATHLON
make -f Make.top install arch=WinNT_ATHLON
make[1]: Entering directory `/Codes/Atlas'
cd bin/WinNT_ATHLON ; make xatlas_install
: Command not found
make[1]: *** [install] Error 127
make[1]: Leaving directory `/Codes/Atlas'
make: *** [install] Error 2

I tried a muliple of things.  Then I got smart and started one step at a time. I
fixed the bugs ( the first thing you are supposed to do on the page ) then I
stopped and tried compiling atlas without performing any further instructions on
the page, and everything worked.  Then I fixed the bugs, and updated the file :


, stopped any further mods to atlas, make the config file and tested whether I
could get past this make xatlas_install thingy, and I did.  So then I went further
and made the config file, modified it and downloaded the winf77.c file and compiled
it, and bam, I'm now stuck at this make xatlas_install thing again.

First, has anyone had success in getting this to work in windows2000 in cygwin!  If
so them please reply to everyone here.  I really want to build Atlas such that it's
compatible with the windows visual studio.  I don't know if I'm the only one having
problems or what.  Also if you have compiled it in win2000 or nt4.0 then could you
tell me the processor used.

I've done everything I can think of and still not gotten past this make

BTW, I'm on an Athlon Tbird, in widows 2000.  At the step in the instructions
saying :

If your machine is a Pentium II or Pentium III, change the macro ARCHDEF to:


If your machine is a Pentium Pro: change the macro ARCHDEF to:


If your machine is a classic Pentium with MMX, change the macro ARCHDEF to:


For all other machines, leave ARCHDEF blank.
I left this blank since I'm on an Athlon

and at this point in the instructions :
In ATLAS/CONFIG/ARCHS unshar the appropriate architectural defaults file (eg, for a
PII, issue /bin/sh Linux_PII.shar, for PPRO, issue
/bin/sh Linux_PPRO.shar, etc.).
I tried using the Linux_ATHLON.shar and also by ignoring this step but it made no

Tim Wilkens