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Makefile suggestion

I've noticed that there are four unused source files in


They are not mentioned in the Makefile.

(this is all with respect to the atlas3.1.1D.tgz tarball)

By just editting the Makefile, I can build cblas_zrotg and cblas_crotg:

i.e. in ATLAS/interfaces/blas/C/src/<arch>/Makefile/

"cblas_crotg.o" is added to the definition of clvl1obj, and
"cblas_zrotg.o" is added to the definition of zlvl1obj.

In the same Makefile there also needs to be:

cblas_crotg.o : ../cblas_crotg.c $(INCdep)
        $(CC) $(NM) $@ $(OJ) $(CCFLAGS) ../cblas_crotg.c


cblas_zrotg.o : ../cblas_zrotg.c $(INCdep)
        $(CC) $(NM) $@ $(OJ) $(CCFLAGS) ../cblas_zrotg.c

As an aside, (please forgive the ignorance) are the routines crotg and
zrotg "officially" part of BLAS? They're not on my BLAS quick reference
sheet, but they're listed on netlib as part of BLAS.

The same question also goes for csrot and zdrot, though I've run into a
little more trouble compiling cblas_csrot and cblas_zdrot...

I only ask this because I'm double checking that the CBLAS library
generated by ATLAS satisfies all the dependencies of the f2c'ed CLAPACK
(using David Bindel's cblas-to-f2c wrapper layer).


Andy Ritger