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ATLAS developer release 3.1.1


I have posted a new developer release to the developer page,

It is far from complete; I still have yet to get Camm's stuff in,
or many of my own updates, for instance.  However, it *does* have
the new paper, and Goto's assembler ev5x/ev6 GEMM, as well as 
a "user-supplied GEMM" (i.e., the ability for the user to supply a
full GEMM, rather than just a GEMM kernel) that simply calls ATLAS
(as a building block for your own user-supplied GEMM).

This release is 3 or so months overdue, but things keep intruding.  I
wanted to wait until I got Camm's stuff in, but with all the crap that
keeps happening, I feared that might mean additional delays, so the
strategy is going to be to release as soon as possible, every time
I manage to get any significant progress done . . .