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Drop in sgemm

Hi guys, 

Some time ago there was a discussion of drop in gemv/ger. Camm was
working on SSI GEMV/GER, and atlas_goto.tgz was an example of a drop
in gemm. A new developer release with this stuff was on the way?

I haven't heard anything for a while. I've got time now to
incorporate my SSE SGEMM into ATLAS. Of course I'd like to do this 
on a bugfixed dist with a couple of examples to work from. Is there any
chance of getting a copy of a release with the SSE GEMV/GER stuff in
it and the fixes that Clint and Camm described on this list?

Otherwise I'll work with the goto version.

-Doug  -- http://beaker.anu.edu.au, Ph:(02) 6279-8608, Fax:(02) 6279-8651