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Re: Mail archives


>Greetings!  I'm new to this list, and was wondering if there was an
>archive setup somewhere.  

I am looking into getting this done, but it's not in place yet.  As
an extremely elegant stop-gap, you can find
which is my personal mail file regarding all the "developer" style
ATLAS mails.  I show my age by admitting I use old "mail", so you
can read it with mail -f +atlasD, with your mail path set appropriately.
You can also read it into MH, but I don't know how since I'm still
living in the 70's with good old mail . . .

>Just as an FYI, I think my next attempt at atlas contribution will be
>double precision level 2 kernels using the PIII prefetch command.
>Does this sound like a good idea, i.e. consonant with the efforts of

So, in one of my abortive attempts to get the new developer release out,
I was attempting to add your stuff to the package, and the GER kernels
all failed the tests described in atlas_os.ps (you need to apply the
new makefile given on the developer homepage, though).  Now, unfortunately,
my laptop was between upgrades, the atlas directory I was using was
screwed up, and so I was far from sure the error was in your kernel.
Can you run the tests and tell me if your GER kernels indeed pass for

To answer your question, I am *very* interested to see if you double
precision can be helped by prefetch, and no one has admitted to working
on it yet . . .