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#	The files in this directory are associated with
#	Subroutines for Maximum Likelihood and Quasi-Likelihood
#	Estimation of Parameters in Nonlinear Regression Models
#	by David S. Bunch (UC Davis), David M. Gay (AT&T Bell
#	Laboratories), and Roy E. Welsch (MIT)
#	which has been submitted to ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software.
#	For now, you can get Postscript for this paper by asking
#	netlib@research.att.com to
#	send 91-13 from research/nam
file	oindex
,	The former "index from opt/nlr" is now "oindex from opt/nlr".
,	It contains the following information in a format you may
,	find easier to read.

file	changes
for	summary of udpates

file	makefile
for	Compiles and runs all tests.

file	makefile.gla
for	Alternate makefile that creates a library.

###	DOUBLE-PRECISON SOURCE (recommended if your single
#	precision has only 32 bits, particularly if you use
#	finite differences):
file	dmdc.f0
for	Supplies machine-dependent constants; edit into dmdc.f .

file	dglfg.f
for	Top-level routines DGLG, DGLF, DRGLG (no bounds),
,	followed by routines they call that are not in dgletc.f .

file	dglfgb.f
for	Top-level routines DGLGB, DGLFB, DRGLGB (simple bounds),
,	followed by routines they call that are not in dgletc.f .

file	dgletc.f
for	Routines needed whether or not there are simple bounds.

file	madsen.f
for	Simple example program, no bounds.
,	Needs dmdc.f, dglfg.f, dgletc.f .

file	madsenb.f
for	Simple test program, variant of madsen.f with bounds.
,	Needs dmdc.f, dglfgb.f, dgletc.f .

file	dpmain.f
for	General test program PMAIN.
,	Needs dmdc.f, dglfg.f, dglfgb.f, dgletc.f, and mecdf.f .

file	mecdf.f
for	Computes approximation to multivariate normal cumulative
,	distribution function (uses Mendell-Elston approximation.)

file	mlmnp.f
for	Program MLMNP for linear-in-parameter multinomial probit
,	models, no bounds.
,	Needs dmdc.f, dglfg.f, dgletc.f, mecdf.f, mnpsubs.f .

file	mlmnpb.f
for	Program MLMNPB for linear-in-parameter multinomial probit
,	models with simple bounds.
,	Needs dmdc.f, dglfgb.f, dgletc.f, mecdf.f, mnpsubs.f .

file	mnpsubs.f
for	Needed by mlmnp.f and mlmnpb.f .

file	mlmnp.dat
for	Bundle of test data (files 16-21 of README)
,	for programs MLMNP and MLMNPB.

file	pmain.in
for	Input for PMAIN (from Gay & Welsch, 1988).

####	SINGLE-PRECISION SOURCE (and corresponding
#	double-precision source file names):
#	smdc.f0		dmdc.f0
#	sglfg.f		dglfg.f
#	sglfgb.f		dglfgb.f
#	sgletc.f		dgletc.f
#	smadsen.f		madsen.f
#	smadsenb.f		madsenb.f
#	spmain.f		pmain.f
#	smecdf.f		mecdf.f
#	smlmnp.f		mlmnp.f
#	smlmnpb.f		mlmnpb.f
#	smnpsubs.f		mnpsubs.f
file	smdc.f0
for	single-precision version of dmdc.f0

file	sglfg.f
for	single-precision version of dglfg.f

file	sglfgb.f
for	single-precision version of dglfgb.f

file	sgletc.f
for	single-precision version of dgletc.f

file	smadsen.f
for	single-precision version of madsen.f

file	smadsenb.f
for	single-precision version of madsenb.f

file	spmain.f
for	single-precision version of pmain.f

file	smecdf.f
for	single-precision version of mecdf.f

file	smlmnp.f
for	single-precision version of mlmnp.f

file	smlmnpb.f
for	single-precision version of mlmnpb.f

file	smnpsubs.f
for	single-precision version of mnpsubs.f

####	SAMPLE OUTPUTS, DOUBLE PRECISION (from an SGI computer, with
#	compilation by f2c and cc):
file	madsen.sgb
,	Bundle of output from madsen.f and madsenb.f .

file	pmain.sgi
for	Output from PMAIN on input pmain.in .

file	mlmnp.sgb
for	Bundle of output from MLMNP and MLMNPB on mlmnp.dat .

####	SAMPLE OUTPUTS, SINGLE PRECISION (from an SGI computer, with
#	compilation by f2c and cc):
file	smadsen.sgb
for	single-precision sample output

file	spmain.sgi
for	single-precision sample output

file	smlmnp.sgb
for	single-precision sample output

file	mnpdoc.ps
for	Postscript for "MLMNP and MLMNPB: Fortran Programs for
,	Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Linear-in-Parameter
,	Multinomial Probit Models" by David S. Bunch.

file	usage.ps
for	Postscript for "Driver PMAIN for DGL[FG][B ]", by David M. Gay.


file	readme