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From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 04:10:44 -0400
Subject: New Release of LAPACK and ScaLAPACK Planned

New Release of LAPACK and ScaLAPACK planned.

We are pleased to announce that we recently received NSF funding for new
releases of the LAPACK and ScaLAPACK linear algebra libraries.
The proposal pointed out the new and better algorithms that have been
developed by many people in the community since the first releases of these
libraries, as well as more obvious gaps and possible improvements.

The proposal listed a large number of activities, which we now need to
prioritize. There are a number of design decisions that still need to be
made, for which we are interested in your input. For this purpose, we would
like to remind you of a web page to collect your input that we originally
announced on NA-Digest while we were preparing the proposal:

In addition to the questions on that form, we are interested in your opinion
on all aspects of the proposal, a copy of which you may find at:

Jim Demmel and Jack Dongarra


From: Danl Pierce <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:48:11 -0700
Subject: Change of Work Coordinates for Dan'l Pierce

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
After 17.5 years of developing and managing the development of
mathematics at The Boeing Company, I have taken a new position at
Washington Mutual, another company, like Boeing, that continues to
demand advanced mathematics. I will not change my residence but my new
work contact information is:

Dan'l Pierce, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Strategy Development & Operational Excellence
Commercial Group, Washington Mutual
Office: 206/490-2041
Cell: 425/283-6612


From: Kendall Atkinson <>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 13:17:01 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Query on Places to Donate Books

I want to cut down on a number of the professional books I have
accumulated over the years, especially many undergraduate and graduate
level texts. I will keep (at least for a while) many of the graduate level
texts and research monographs. Does anyone have suggestions of worthy
causes to which such professional books can be donated?

If I receive some good suggestions, I will put together a file of them and
post them on my website.


From: Optimanumerics <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:19:20 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: OptimaNumerics and Russian Joint Supercomputer Center

OptimaNumerics has today cemented an important partnership with
the Russian Joint Supercomputer Center (JSCC) in Moscow. The new
deal will see OptimaNumerics provide its high performance numerical
software to JSCC and collaboration on high performance computational
techniques research.

The supercomputer with OptimaNumerics Libraries at JSCC is the fastest
PowerPC 970 supercomputer in the world, with 168 CPUs it is the second
fastest supercomputer in Russia.

For more information, contact:, or visit .


From: Margaret Wright <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 11:21:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Nominations for the Nevanlinna Prize

This is a call to encourage nominations for the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize,
which is awarded every four years at the International Congress of
Mathematicians; the next award will take place in 2006. The Nevanlinna
Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to mathematical aspects of
information science, including:

1. All mathematical aspects of computer science, including
complexity theory, logic of programming languages, analysis
of algorithms, cryptography, computer vision, pattern
recognition, information processing, and modeling of intelligence;
2. Scientific computing and numerical analysis. Computational
aspects of optimization and control theory. Computer algebra.

Details about eligibility and submission of nominations are at

The deadline for submission of nominations is December 15, 2004.
Please note the age restrictions: nominees must be strictly less
than 40 on December 31, 2005.


From: Joanna Littleton <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:41:41 -0400
Subject: Nominations for SIAM W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize

W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize

SIAM will present the W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize at the 2005 SIAM Annual
Meeting to be held July 11-15, 2005, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The award will be given for research in, or other contributions to, the
broadly defined areas of differential equations and control theory. The
prize may be given either for a single notable achievement or for a
collection of such achievements. Committee Chair John Burns wishes to
stress the breadth of the eligible fields.

Description of the Award

The award consists of an engraved medal and a $10,000 cash prize. The
prize winner is requested to present a lecture at the meeting.


A letter of nomination, including a description of achievement(s), should
be sent to the address below. Nominations must be received in the SIAM
office by January 15, 2005.

W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize
Professor John A. Burns, Chair
c/o J. M. Littleton
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688

Telephone: 215-382-9800
Fax: 215-386-7999


From: Joanna Littleton <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:15:21 -0400
Subject: Nominations for SIAM Control and Systems Theory Prize

SIAM Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory Prize


The SIAM Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory Prize (SIAG/CST
Prize) will be awarded at the Sixth SIAM Conference on Control and Its
Applications, to be held July 11-14, 2005, jointly with the 2005 SIAM
Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The SIAG/CST Prize, established in 1997, is awarded every three years to a
young researcher for outstanding research contributions, as determined by
the prize committee, to mathematical control or systems theory. The
contributions must be contained in a paper or papers published in English
in peer-reviewed journals.


The awardee's work must be a significant research contribution to the
mathematical theory of systems and control, as commonly defined in the
mathematical and engineering literature. At least one of the papers
containing this work must be published in English in a peer-reviewed
journal, bearing a publication date within the award period, and such that
at least one of the following two requirements is met at the publication
date: either (1) the author is not more than 35 years old, or (2) not more
than six years have elapsed since the author received a Ph.D. or equivalent

Description of the award

The award will consist of a plaque and a certificate containing the
citation. An invitation will be extended to the prize recipient to attend
the award ceremony to receive the award and to present the paper.


A letter of nomination, including citation of paper(s), should be sent by
January 15, 2005, to:

SIAM Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory Prize
Professor Steven I. Marcus, Chair
c/o J. M. Littleton
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688

Telephone: 215-382-9800 ext. 303
Fax: 215-386-7999

Selection Committee

Members of the selection committee are: Steven I. Marcus (Chair),
University of Maryland; H. T. Banks, North Carolina State University; Max
Gunzburger, Florida State University; Belinda King, Oregon State
University; Kirsten A. Morris, University of Waterloo.


From: Joanna Littleton <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 17:50:39 -0400
Subject: Nominations for SIAM Optimization Prize

SIAM Activity Group on Optimization Prize

The SIAM Activity Group on Optimization Prize (SIAG/OPT Prize) will be
awarded at the SIAM Conference on Optimization to be held May 15-18, 2005,
in Stockholm, Sweden.

The SIAG/OPT Prize, established in 1992, is awarded to the author(s) of the
most outstanding paper, as determined by the prize committee, on a topic in
optimization published in English in a peer-reviewed journal. The award
period is the four calendar years preceding the year of the conference.


Candidate papers must be published in English in a peer-reviewed journal
bearing a publication date within the award period. Thus, to be eligible
for the prize, a paper must appear with a publication date in the 2001-2004
calendar years. Candidate papers must contain significant research
contributions to the field of optimization, as commonly defined in the
mathematical literature, with direct or potential applications.

Description of the award

The award will consist of a plaque and a certificate containing the
citation. At least one of the prize recipients is expected to attend the
award ceremony and to present the paper at the conference.


A letter of nomination, including a citation of the paper, should be sent
by January 15, 2005, to:

SIAM Activity Group on Optimization Prize
Professor Robert Vanderbei, Chair
c/o J. M. Littleton
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688

Telephone: 215-382-9800
Fax: 215-386-7999

Selection Committee

The members of the selection committee are: Robert Vanderbei (chair),
Princeton University; Aharon Ben-Tal, Technion; Adrian Lewis, Simon Fraser
University; S. Thomas McCormick, University of British Columbia; and Yinyu
Ye, Stanford University.


From: David F Griffiths <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:55:20 +0100
Subject: Dundee Biennial NA Conference

28 June - 1 July, 2005


The special invited lecture in honour of A. R. Mitchell will be
presented by
Professor Nick Trefethen, University of Oxford

A special lecture, sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its
Applications, to mark the 25th anniversary of the IMA Journal of
Numerical Analysis, will be given by

Professor K W Morton, University of Bath.

The other Principal Speakers will include

Carsten Carstensen
Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
Simon Chandler-Wilde
University of Reading
Vivette Girault
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Gene Golub
Stanford University
Ivan Graham
University of Bath
Nick Higham
University of Manchester
Sven Leyffer
Argonne National Laboratory
Arnold Neumaier
University of Vienna
Michael Powell
University of Cambridge
Ulrich Rude
University of Erlangen-Nurnberg
Eitan Tadmor
University of California Los Angeles

Some further information is available at the conference web site:

Details of registration/accommodation fees as well as arrangements for
contributed talks will be posted on this page when they become
available in a few weeks time.

The proceedings of the 2003 conference containing extended abstracts of
the invited talks (papers are up to 13 pages long) as well as lists of
all contributed talks are available, via our web site.

Conference Secretaries:
David Griffiths
Alistair Watson
Mathematics Division
The University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN, Scotland, UK


From: Mo Mu <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 12:19:26 +0800
Subject: Symposium in Hong Kong on Scientific Computing

Symposium on Scientific Computing and Mathematical Software
in Emerging Sciences and Technology
June 15-16, 2005, Hong Kong
In Conjunction with the IFIP WG2.5 Annual Business Meeting
June 13-14, 2005, Hong Kong


Network and grid computing
Mathematical software
Problem solving environments
Supercomputing in emerging sciences and technology


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clearwater Bay, Kowloon

Program Committee:

M. Mu (Chair), Department of Mathematics, HKUST, Hong Kong
R. Boisvert (Co-Chair), Math. & Comp. Sci. Div., Nat. Inst. Std and Tech.
J. Dongarra, Computer Science Department, University of Tennessee
C. Douglas, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Kentucky
W. Gropp, Math. & Comp. Sci. Div., Argonne National Laboratory,
E. Houstis, Department of Computer and Communications Engineering,
University of Thessaly, Greece
J. Pool, Center for Advanced Computing Research, CalTech
J. Rice, Computer Sciences Department, Purdue University
Y. Umetani, Computer Science Department, Shizuoka University, Japan
M. Vouk, Computer Science Department, North Carolina State University
P. Tang, Intel Corp., USA


IFIP WG2.5 (Working Group on Numerical Software)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Intel Corp.


Odissa Wong,


From: X. Q. Yang <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:27:17 +0800
Subject: Symposium in Italy on Generalized Convexity/Monotonicity

8th International Symposium on Generalized Convexity/Monotonicity
July 4-8, 2005, Varese, Italy

Topics. Generalizations of convex functions have been introduced in various
areas such as mathematical programming, economics, management science,
engineering, stochastics and applied sciences. Likewise different kinds of
generalized monotonicity have been proposed, for instance for variational
inequalities and equilibrium problems. Such models are considerably more
adaptable to describe real-world situations than their convex/monotone
counterpart. A growing literature in this interdisciplinary field has appeared,
including the proceedings of the seven preceding international symposia since
1980. The Symposium is organized by the international Working Group on
Generalized Convexity (, a growing affiliation of applied
mathematicians and other interdisciplinary researchers which celebrates its
10th anniversary this year. The Symposium provides a forum to review the
latest developments in the field.

Program Committee
N. Hadjisavvas (Greece), (Chair); A. Cambini (Italy); R. Cambini
(Italy); A. Guerraggio (Italy);
D.T. Luc (France and Vietnam); L. Martein (Italy); J.E. Martinez-Legaz
A. Rubinov (Australia); S. Schaible (U.S.A.); X.Q. Yang (China).

Organizing Committee
A. Guerraggio (Italy), (Chair); N. Hadjisavvas (Greece); E. Allevi
(Italy); M. Bianchi (Italy);
G. Crespi (Italy); G. Giorgi (Italy); A. Gnudi (Italy); D. La Torre
(Italy); E. Miglierina (Italy);
E. Molho (Italy); L. Pellegrini (Italy); R. Pini (Italy); M. Rocca
(Italy); A. Setti (Italy).

Early registration: March 31, 2005.
Late registration: May 31, 2005.
Title and abstract of talks: May 31, 2005.

Further Information. Additional information can be obtained by contacting
Dr. Enrico Miglierina (Organizing Committee) at Facolt¨¤ di Economia,
Universit¨¤ dell¡¯Insubria, via Ravasi, 21100 Varese, Italy
( or by visiting the web page of the
Symposium at


From: Knut Andreas Lie <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 12:06:17 +0200
Subject: Winter School in Norway on Inverse Problems for PDEs

Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo, Norway, February 20-25, 2005

Prof. Per Christian Hansen (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby):
An introduction to linear inverse problems: what are inverse problems
(their ill-posed nature), regularization techniques, and software aspects.

Dr. Martin Burger (UCLA, USA): Parameter identification problems for PDEs:
The lectures start with basic challenges and problem formulation (output
least squares, etc), before moving on to more complex methods and solution
strategies (Lagrange multipliers, level set, software aspects, etc).

Dr. Bjørn Fredrik Nilsen (Simula), Dr. Marius Lysaker (Simula), and
Prof. Xue-Cheng Tai (Bergen) will present various applications, including
image analysis and infarction modelling.


Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen (Simula Research Laboratory / University of Oslo)
Knut-Andreas Lie (SINTEF Appl. Math. / University of Oslo)

Research Council of Norway through the BeMatA project

Deadline for registration is January 14 2005. Please use the
registration form available at our website.

Participants are expected to stay at Dr. Holms Hotel, where we have
reserved a pool of rooms. These will be allotted on a first-come-
first-serve basis. A single room costs 1 250 NOK per night, all meals
included. Dr. Holms' website:

Participants who want alternative accommodation, must make all the necessary
arrangements themselves. As an example of inexpensive accommodation, we can
recommend Geilo Appartments:


From: Gabriel Lord <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 15:18:51 +0100 (BST)
Subject: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland SIAM Section

The annual meeting of UKIE SIAM section will be held at
the University College Cork on Friday January 7th 2005.

Confirmed speakers are :

Neil O'Connell (University of Warwick)
Russell Davies (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
Ivan Graham (University of Bath)
Alexei Pokrovskii (University College Cork)
Niall O'Murchadha (University College Cork)

For further information on the meeting, accomodation and travel please see

For details on the UKIE SIAM section see

Gabriel Lord


From: Vasco Brattka <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:57:13 +0200
Subject: Conference in Germany on Real Numbers and Computers

Second call for participation
November 15-17, 2004
Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany


Registration deadline: October 24, 2004
Conference: November 15-17, 2004


The aim of the symposia on "Real Numbers and Computers" is to bring
together specialists from various research areas, all concerned with
problems related to computations based on real numbers. These
computations may use any number system implemented by a software
package or in hardware, including floating and fixed point, serial,
on line, continued fractions, exact, multiple precision, interval
and stochastic arithmetic.

Results are sought on both applied and fundamental questions.
Important topics discussed during these conferences include but are
not limited to:

* Foundation and properties of number systems
* Computability and complexity
* Formal aspects and automatic proof checking
* Links with number theory and automata theory
* Basic arithmetic operations
* Implementation of the standard and special functions
* Engineering of floating and fixed point algorithms
* Symbolic manipulation of numbers
* Accuracy and reliability for applications and industry
* Robust geometric algorithms and exact geometric computation
* Hardware design support and implementations

The conference will feature invited lectures and contributed talks.

Invited Lectures:

1. Benno Fuchssteiner, Paderborn, Germany
2. Simon Plouffe, Montreal, Canada
3. Stefan Schirra, Magdeburg, Germany

Steering Committee:

Jean-Claude Bajard, Montpellier, France
Jean-Marie Chesneaux, Paris, France
Marc Daumas, Lyon, France
Christiane Frougny, Paris, France
Peter Kornerup, Odense, Denmark (Chair)
Dominique Michelucci, Dijon, France
Jean-Michel Muller, Lyon, France


Participants are invited to register for the conference until October 24, 2004
by sending a fax to Norbert Müller. The corresponding form is available on
the workshop webpage


From: Steffen Boerm <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:55:02 +0200
Subject: Winter School in Leipzig on Hierarchical Matrices

Announcement Winter School "Hierarchical Matrices"

Organizers: Wolfgang Hackbusch, Lars Grasedyck, Steffen Boerm
(Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig)

Time: February 7th to February 11th, 2005
Deadline for registration: December 6th, 2004

Topic: Hierarchical Matrices can be a useful tool for the treatment of
integral operators as well as the solution of linear systems arising
in the discretisation of elliptic partial differential equations.
Moreover, the representation of matrices in the hierarchical matrix
format is suitable for the efficient solution of matrix equations.

The aim of this winterschool is to teach the necessary theoretical
foundations for hierarchical matrices, but most of all the efficient
implementation of the algorithms. The practical realisation on the
computer will be done during the exercise courses in the afternoons.
The participants will use the HLib library in order to assemble and
solve BEM and FEM systems. Lecture notes are available in electronic

Lecture Notes:


From: Nicoletta Del Buono <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 09:40:04 +0200
Subject: Workshop in Italy on Structural Dynamical Systems

First call for participation
JUNE 26-29 2005
Hotel Villaggio Porto Giardino
Capitolo-Monopoli Bari, ITALY

The aim of the workshop SDS2005 is discussing recent developments in
computational methods for: dynamical systems and nonlinear stability;
dynamical systems in linear algebra and control; dynamical systems on
manifolds and Lie groups; dynamical systems with inequality constraints;
numerical methods for computing functions of matrices. Both numerical
and theoretical aspects will be welcome.

The plenary speakers are:
-Luca Dieci (Georgia Istitute of Technology, Atlanta GA, U.S.A.)
-Paul Van Dooren (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
-Uwe Helmke (Universität Würzburg, Germany)
-Marlis Hochbruck (Heinrich Heine Universtät Düsseldorf, Germany)
-Niloufer Mackey (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI, U.S.A.)
-D. Steven Mackey (University of Manchester, England.)
-Hans Schumacher (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
-David Stewart (University of Iowa, Iowa City IA, U.S.A.)
-Erik Van Vleck (University of Kansas, Lawrence KS, U.S.A.)
-Antonella Zanna (Universitetet i Bergen, Norway)

More information may be found following the URL

Abstract submission: April 15 2005
Registration: April 15 2005
Hotel Reservation: April 15 2005

Organizing Commitee:
Luciano Lopez, Nicoletta Del Buono, Cinzia Elia
(Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy)
Tiziano Politi (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)


From: Alexandre Ern <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:02:21 +0200
Subject: Workshop at Inria Rocquencourt on Numerical Hydrology

The INRIA Cooperative Research Action DYNAS (Dynamics of Shallow
Watertables) is organizing a workshop on numerical hydrology at Inria
Rocquencourt from 6th to 8th december 2004.

The workshop consists of 10 invited lectures and 15 contributed
lectures. All the lectures are plenary.

Invited speakers: Ph. Ackerer (IMFS Strasbourg), P. Bastian (University
Heidelberg), V. Entov (LACM, Moscow), M. Esteves (LTHE, Grenoble), R.
Hinkelmann (TU Berlin), R. Moussa (INRA, Montpellier), JP. Renaud
(Bristol University), J. Seibert (SLU), Ph. Sergent (CETMEF), J. van der
Kwaak (Arcadis).

If you are interested in attending the workshop or submitting a
contributed lecture, please refer to the above website. Inscription is
free and mandatory. The audience is limited to 60 participants.

The organizing committee -- A. Ern and E. Gaume (Enpc), J. Jaffre
(Inria), C. Kao (Cemagref)


From: CS Announcements <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 13:18:05 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Special IEEE Issue on Intelligent Data Preparation

Call for Papers

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering----A Special Issue on
Intelligent Data Preparation

Data Preparation is the collection of algorithms and techniques that
embodies data pre-processing in data analysis. It includes data
integration, data transformation, noise detection, data cleaning/cleansing,
data preprocessing, feature/attribute selection, information filtering, and
data reduction. Data preparation enhances the useful information in the
data by such as, resolving the inconsistency and conflicts, selecting
relevant information, removing anomalies, correcting errors, filtering
information, and clustering information and pattern reduction.

Many data analysis applications, such as data mining, Web mining,
information retrieval, machine learning, and pattern recognition, require
various forms of data preparation. In data preparation, one takes the data
in their raw form, removes as much noise and redundancy as possible, and
brings out the core that is ready for further processing. Indeed, data
preparation often presents itself as a less glamorous but in fact more
critical step than other steps in data analysis applications. It can be
characterized as a data processing technique such that a minor data quality
adjustment may potentially bring about much higher data mining
effectiveness. However, in the past, much work in these relevant fields,
such as data mining and machine learning, has been founded on quality data.
The input to the data mining algorithms is assumed to conform to nice data
distributions, containing no missing, inconsistent or incorrect values.
This leaves a large gap between the available data and the available
machinery to process the data.

This special issue will provide a forum for timely and in-depth
presentation of progress in the theory and principles underlying data

Topics of Interest
- Data Preparation Architectures
- Data Preparation Foundations
- Data Integration and Transformation
- Noise Detection, Data Cleaning/Cleansing
- Feature/Attribute Selection, Information Filtering, Data Reduction
- Resolving Incompleteness, Inconsistency, and Conflicts of data
- Removing Anomalies, Correcting Errors
- Filling Missed Values, Reducing Ambiguity
- Web Page Cleaning, Text Cleaning
- Information/Data Clustering for data cleaning
- Ontology Architectures for Data Mining

Submission Guidelines
Please follow the guideline of the submissions on:
Important Dates
Submission Deadline November 20, 2004
Author Notification April 8, 2005
Camera-ready Due April 28, 2005
Issue ships September 2005

Special Issue Guest Editors
Prof. Chengqi Zhang (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
Prof. Qiang Yang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)
Prof. Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)


From: Hans Mittelmann <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:35:52 -0700
Subject: Chair Position at Arizona State University

Mathematics and Statistics (
Position of Chair

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Arizona State University
invites applications and nominations for the position of Department Chair.
Arizona State University is a dynamic, internationally recognized research
university serving more than 57,000 students in the Phoenix metropolitan area,
one of the fastest growing urban centers in the nation. ASUs Department of
Mathematics and Statistics offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate
programs in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, computational biosciences,
and mathematics education. The department takes special pride in having a
collegial atmosphere bolstered by permeable boundaries between formal programs
and strong interdisciplinary ties to other departments.

The successful candidate is expected to provide visionary leadership, to
oversee growth in the faculty and research programs, to supervise the further
development of the graduate and undergraduate programs, and to establish ties
between the department and other University or community-based research and
education initiatives, while preserving a collegial, productive environment.

Candidates must have an earned doctorate in mathematics, statistics, or a
closely related field, and achieved national and international recognition for
their scholarship appropriate to the rank of Professor and evidence of a
distinguished scholarly record. Desirable qualifications include documented
leadership skills, previous administrative experience in a doctoral-granting
department, a history of external funding, experience with program development
in research and education, evidence of strong communication and organizational
skills, and evidence of commitment in working with and supporting a diverse
student and faculty population.

The position is available beginning July 1, 2005, or as soon as possible
thereafter. Salary and start-up will be competitive and commensurate with
qualifications. Applicants must submit a cover letter and a current CV.
Consideration of completed applications will begin on January 15, 2005, if not
filled on the 1st and 15th of each month thereafter until the search is closed.
Inquiries, applications and nominations must be directed to:

Simon Peacock,
Chair of the Search Committee for the Chair of the Department of Mathematics
and Statistics,
c/o College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Arizona State University,
PO Box 876505, Tempe, AZ 85287-6505; or email:

ASU actively seeks diversity among applicants and promotes a diverse workforce.


From: T. Tang <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 15:26:16 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: Faculty Position at Hong Kong Baptist University

Faculty Position in Statistics or Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics of Hong Kong Baptist University invites
applications for one senior faculty position. The appointment is expected
to be made at the level of a Full Professor or Associate Professor. The
appointment is expected to be in the broad area of statistics or applied
mathematics. The post offers the opportunity for providing leadership in
the further development of a strong research program in a supportive
department. Applications are encouraged from persons with strong records
of research and teaching. The appointed professor will be expected to
provide research and academic leadership, to conduct significant research
and to publish in leading academic journals, and to gain external research
funding to support and expand research activities. Although the priority
for this position is in the area of statistics, the Department will also
consider strong applicants in other areas of applied mathematics.

Hong Kong Baptist University is a government supported university with a
tradition of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. The
Department hosts research programs in Applied Probability, Image
Processing, Optimization and OR, Scientific Computing and Statistics.
Further information is available at

We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Interested individuals should
submit a CV and a letter of intent (including statements of research and
teaching interests) to:

Personnel Office, Hong Kong Baptist University, Level 7, Shaw Tower, 34
Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.

Individuals should also arrange to have three letters of recommendation
sent to the same address. Review of applications will begin on December
30, 2004 and will continue until the position is filled. Informal
enquiries for the positions may be made to Professor Tao Tang at


From: Ganesh <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 09:14:30 -0600
Subject: Faculty Positions at Colorado School of Mines

Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences

The Colorado School of Mines invites applications for two anticipated
tenure-track positions at the Assistant Professor level in mathematical
sciences, starting in August 2005.

The Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences offers B.S., M.S., and
Ph.D. degrees. Faculty research interests include numerical analysis and
scientific computing, symbolic computing, nonlinear PDEs, wave theory,
inverse problems, micro-local analysis and applied statistics.

Applicants in all areas of applied and computational mathematics and
statistics compatible with the research interests of the department
are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities include teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels,
directing graduate research, and developing a strong, externally funded
research program. An earned Ph.D. in mathematics, statistics or a related
field is required. Evidence of interest or successful involvement in
interdisciplinary collaborative research in engineering and physical sciences
is desirable. Applicants should have one or more years of postdoctoral
experience and must provide evidence of research accomplishments and teaching

The Colorado School of Mines is Colorado's oldest public university. Located
in Golden, Colorado in the foothills of the Rockies 13 miles west of downtown
Denver and 21 miles south of Boulder, the school has an enrollment of
approximately 2700 undergraduates and 750 graduate students in a broad range
of applied science and engineering disciplines. Research funding is
approximately $30 million annually. More information about the department
can be obtained from

Applicants must submit (a) a curriculum vita, (b) four letters of reference,
at least one of which addresses teaching ability, and (c) a statement
describing teaching experience, philosophy, and (d) a statement of research
interests and aspirations to:
Colorado School of Mines,
Office of Human Resources,
Search # 04-081020,
1500 Illinois Street,
Golden, CO 80401,
fax 303-384-2025.

Review of applications will begin not later than January 10, 2005.

CSM is an EO/AA employer and is committed to enhancing the diversity of
its faculty and staff, and therefore encourages applications from women,
minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities.


From: Arnd Scheel <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:02:39 -0500
Subject: Positions at Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) at the
University of Minnesota announces membership opportunities in
connection with its 2005-2006 thematic program on Imaging.

Individuals may apply for four classes of membership at the IMA in
connection with the 2005-2006 thematic program:
* IMA Postdoctoral Memberships
* IMA Industrial Postdoctoral Memberships
* IMA General Memberships
* IMA New Directions Visiting Professorships

Application forms and instructions are available at . More information on the IMA is
available at, and information on the 2005-2006 thematic
program is at . Questions may be directed to for postdoctoral fellowships and general
membership applications or to for New Directions

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.


From: Christof Eck <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 17:55:59 +0200
Subject: Postgraduate Position at Aachen University

The research group "Computational Materials Engineering" at the RWTH Aachen,
the biggest engineering university in Germany, offers a postgraduate position
for a mathematician with a background on partial differential
equations and/or the respective numerics.
The candidate should have a university degree in mathematics
or a related field. Programming experience would be an advantage.
She or he will be employed within the framework of the focus program
1095 "Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Multiscale
Problems" of the German Research Foundation. The
topic of the project is the numerical and analytical investigation of
multiscale--structure evolution at semiconductor surfaces.

The position offers the possibility to write a PhD thesis
on the topic of the project. Payment of the position is according to
the German tarif group Bat II a/2.

For more details please contact:

Prof. Dr. Heike Emmerich
"Computational Materials Engineering"
GHI, Mauerstrasse 5
RWTH Aachen
52064 Aachen
phone: ++49 241 80 98331,

The RWTH Aachen is an equal opportunity employer. Equally qualified woman
and disabled candidates will be preferred in the decision.


From: Christos Davatzikos <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:15:17 -0400
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at University of Pennsylvania

A postdoctoral fellow position is available at the Section of Biomedical
Image Analysis (SBIA), of the Department of Radiology, University of
Pennsylvania ( The successful candidate must
have background in Applied Math, Electrical or Biomedical Engineering, or
Computer Science. The project will involve work on image analysis of
medical images, with emphasis on shape modeling and analysis, deformable
registration and applications on brain images with tumor pathology. SBIA has
been a dynamically growing medical image analysis group, including 15
researchers and many collaborators from diverse fields. Opportunities exist
in many existing and new projects, including computational neuroanatomy in
studies of aging, dementia, and schizophrenia, biomechanical and statistical
modeling of soft tissue deformability, applications in computer-integrated
surgery, as well as projects involving morphological analysis of small
animal images. Please e-mail or mail CV's to

Christos Davatzikos
3600 Market street, Suite 380
Philadelphia, PA 19104


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