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From: Willi Schoenauer <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 09:31:08 +0100
Subject: New Book, Scientific Supercomputing

For two years the hand-written manuscript of the lecture notes

Scientific Supercomputing: Architecture and Use of Shared and Distributed
Memory Supercomputers

has been available as an Internet book with 500 - 1000 accesses per month.
The manuscript is now available typed and printed as book (soft cover, A5,
309 pages). How to obtain the book is indicated on the cover page of the
Internet book

Willi Schoenauer
Rechenzentrum der Universitaet Karlsruhe
D-76128 Karlsruhe, Germany
Tel: +49/721/608-6350
Fax: +49/721/32550


From: Eunyoung Lim <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 11:05:20 +0900
Subject: Mathmatical Access of Aberration for General Aperture

I have studied about nonlinear data fitting, aberration.
I have searched for papers about aberration for general aperture shapes.
I already have the papers "Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization of Zernike
polynomials for general aperture shapes" written by W. Swanter and Weng
W. Chow, and "Zernike annular polynomials for imaging systems with annular
pupils" by Virendra N. Mahajan.

I want the newest information or papesr and programs about aberration for
general aperture shapes. If you have that information, please send me
that information. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.
Eunyoung Lim


From: Allison Bogardo <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 09:23:10 -0500
Subject: SIAM Student Paper Prizes

SIAM Student Paper Prizes

The annual SIAM Student Paper Prizes will be awarded during the 2000
SIAM Annual Meeting, July 10-14, at the Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort in
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

If you are a student or know of a student who would like to take part
in the competition, here are the details:

The authors of the three best papers in applied and computational
mathematics written by students and submitted to SIAM will receive a
$1,000 cash prize and a framed calligraphed certificate as well as
gratis registration for the meeting. There is no provision for travel
expenses associated with the prize.

Papers must be singly authored and not previously published or
submitted for publication to be eligible for consideration. To
qualify, authors must be students in good standing who have not
received their PhDs at the time of submission.

In submitting their work for publication, authors are asked to
consider SIAM journals. However, student paper prize winners are not
guaranteed publication in any SIAM journal; all papers submitted to
SIAM journals are subject to the same refereeing process and

Submissions must be received in the SIAM office before
February 15, 2000.

Submissions, which must be in English, can be sent by regular mail or
fax. Each submission must include (1) an extended abstract NOT LONGER
THAN 5 PAGES (including bibliography); (2) the complete paper, which
will be used solely for clarification of any questions; (3) a
statement by the student's faculty advisor that the paper has been
prepared by the author indicated and that the author is a student in
good standing; (4) a letter by the student's faculty advisor
describing and evaluating the paper's contribution; and (5) a short
biography of the student.

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, and quality
of exposition.

The winners will be notified by April 15, 2000.

Please direct your submission and any questions you may have to
A. Bogardo at SIAM, 3600 University City Science Center, Philadelphia,
PA 19104-2688; telephone (215) 382-9800; e-mail to


From: Allison Bogardo <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 09:24:43 -0500
Subject: W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize

REMINDER: Deadline approaching.


The Reid Prize

SIAM will present the W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize at the 2000 SIAM
Annual Meeting at the Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico next
July 10-14. The award will be given for research in, or other
contributions to, the broadly defined areas of differential equations
and control theory. The prize may be given either for a single
notable achievement or for a collection of such achievements.


The prize is awarded to any member of the scientific community who
meets the general guidelines of the prize description above.

Description of Award

The award consists of an engraved medal and a $10,000 cash prize, plus
travel expenses to attend the prize ceremony.


A letter of nomination, including a description of achievement(s)
should be sent by February 1, 2000 to:

Professor John A. Burns
Chair, Reid Prize Selection Committee
c/o A. G. Bogardo
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688
Telephone: (215) 382-9800
Fax: (215) 386-7999

Selection Committee

Members of the selection committee are John A. Burns, Chair (Virginia
Institute of Technology and State University); H. Thomas Banks (North
Carolina State University); James G. Glimm (State University of New
York at Stony Brook); John Guckenheimer (Cornell University); and
Arthur J. Krener (University of California, Davis).


From: Allison Bogardo <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 09:41:51 -0500
Subject: Richard C. DiPrima Prize


Call for Nominations
The Richard C. DiPrima Prize

The DiPrima Prize

SIAM will present the award at the 2000 SIAM Annual Meeting in Rio
Grande, Puerto Rico, July 10-14. The award honors the memory of
Richard C. DiPrima, long-time Chair of the Department of Mathematical
Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and former President and
energetic supporter of SIAM. The award will be based on an
outstanding doctoral dissertation in applied mathematics.


The award, based on Ph.D. research in applied mathematics (defined as
those topics covered in SIAM journals or series) is made to a young
scientist. The Ph.D. thesis and all other Ph.D. requirements should
have been completed in the time period from July 1, 1997 to June 30,
1999. The Ph.D. degree must be awarded by December 31, 1999.

Description of the Award

The award will consist of a certificate and a cash prize of $1,000.
The SIAM President will notify the recipient of the award in advance
of the award date and invite the recipient to attend the annual
meeting to receive the award. Travel expenses will be paid by the
prize fund.


Nominations, along with a copy of the dissertation (in English), should
be sent by February 15, 2000 to:

Professor Ronald A. DeVore
Chair, DiPrima Prize Selection Committee
c/o A. G. Bogardo
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688
Telephone: (215) 382-9800
Fax: (215) 386-7999

Members of the selection committee are Russel Caflisch (UCLA), Andrew
J. Wathen (University of Oxford, UK), and Ronald A. DeVore, Chair
(University of South Carolina).


From: Misha E Kilmer <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 15:48:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Conference in Honor of G. W. Stewart

Preliminary Announcement

A Conference in honor of G. W. Stewart
on the occasion of his 60th Birthday

A conference in honor of G. W. (Pete) Stewart on the occasion of his
60th birthday is to be held on Friday-Saturday, October 20-21, 2000.
Pete will turn 60 on October 1, 2000. The conference will be located
at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, where Pete
has been working for the last 25+ years. The times for the meeting
are 1pm Friday through 1pm Saturday, with a banquet on Friday evening.

The meeting itself will be comprised of invited talks divided into
two sets. The first set of talks will be devoted to reviews and
highlights of Pete's work over the years in matrix theory and
computations. In the second set of talks, each speaker will give
a talk in depth on a specific subject, with direct or indirect
connections to Pete's own work. A banquet in Pete's honor will be
held on Friday night with Professor Robert Funderlic as the leading
banquet speaker.

The organizing committee for the conference includes:
Robert van de Geijn, UT-Austin (chair)
Robert Funderlic, NC State Univ.
Misha Kilmer, Tufts Univ.
Xiaobai Sun, Duke Univ.

The local arrangements committee includes:
Howard Elman, Univ. of Maryland
Dianne O'Leary, Univ. of Maryland

The current list of conference speakers includes:
Jack Dongarra
Alan Edelman
Robert Funderlic
Gene Golub
Carl Meyer
Cleve Moler
Robert Plemmons
Danny Sorensen
Ji-guang Sun
Henk van der Vorst
Charles Van Loan

For additional information on the conference, please visit the
conference web site:

Details will follow in subsequent announcements and may be found
at the web site. Questions concerning the conference may be sent
to the e-mail alias

For those planning to attend the ILAS-2000 in Raleigh, NC on
October 23, there will be enough time to travel there from
Maryland (or Washington D.C.).


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 12:36:22 +0100
Subject: European Consortium for Mathematics for Industry


XI Biannual Conference of ECMI -
The European Consortium for Mathematics for Industry
ECMI 2000

1. Place of the Conference:
Villaggio TORRE NORMANNA, Altavilla Milicia (Palermo), Italy

2. Dates of the Conference
September 26-30, 2000

3. The Organizing Committee:
- A.M. Anile (University of Catania and ECMI Council)
- V. Capasso (President of ECMI, 1999-2001) Co-Chairman
- A. Donato (University of Messina)
- A. Fasano (University of Florence)
- A. Greco (University of Palermo) Chairman
- R.M. Mattheij (Past President of ECMI, 1999-2001)

4. The Programme Committee
- V. Capasso
- H. Ockendon
- M. Brons
- R.M. Mattheij
- R.E. Burkhard
- H. Engl
- H. Foellmer
- A. Greco
- J.L. Lions
- A. Quarteroni

5. Plenary Sessions (invited speakers)

"ALAN TAYLER" Lecture: Neunzert,H. (Kaiserslautern)
FINANCE Schachermaier,W. (Wien)
VISUALIZATION Jeltsch, R. (Zurich)
ECOSYSTEMS Van Duijn, (CWI, Amsterdamn)
OPTIMIZATION Periaux, J. (Dassaul, Fr)
BIOFLUIDDYNAMICS Hughes, T. (Stanford)

6. Special Sessions (invited minisymposia)
1. MICROELECTRONICS (M.Anile - M.Guenther)
2. GLASS (N.Siedow)
3. POLYMERS (G.Marrucci - V.van de Ven)
6. FINANCE (S.Howison )
8. BIOMEDICAL (J.Demongeot )
10. MULTIBODY DYNAMICS (C.Fueher-B.Simeon)

Further information, please visit the web site


From: Stefan Feltenmark <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 15:38:55 +0100
Subject: Stockholm Optimization Days


We welcome papers for the 9th Stockholm Optimization Days, a two-day
conference on optimization, to be held at KTH (Royal Institute of
Technology) in Stockholm, Sweden, June 26-27, 2000.

This conference is focused on applied optimization. The invited sessions
put a particular emphasis on optimization applications within finance,
power, structural optimization, and telecommunication.

Invited and contributed presentations of tentatively 30 minutes each
will be given at the conference. Invited speakers:
- Wolfgang Achtziger, Erlangen-Nuremberg University
- Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT
- Daniel Bienstock, Columbia University
- Kai-Uwe Bletzinger, Karlsruhe University
- Thomas Coleman, Cornell University
- Laureano Escudero, Iberdrola Ingenier=EDa y Consultor=EDa
- Don Goldfarb, Columbia University
- Abdel Lisser, France Telecom
- David G Luenberger, Stanford University
- John Mulvey, Princeton University
- Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts
- Andrew Philpott, University of Auckland
- Rudiger Schultz, Gerhard-Mercator University Duisburg
- Ole Sigmund, Technical University of Denmark
- Werner Romisch, Humboldt University
- Sergei Uryasev, University of Florida
- Roger Wets, UC Davis

In addition to the invited presentations, we also welcome a limited
number of contributed presentations. Abstracts (maximum 200 words)
should be sent by May 1 (preferably by e-mail) to

or by mail to

Optimization Days
Division of Optimization and Systems Theory
SE-100 44 Stockholm
Fax: +46 8 22 53 20.

Further information can be obtained via www, address

The organizing committee consists of Ulf Br=E4nnlund, Stefan
Feltenmark (head), Anders Forsgren, and Krister Svanberg,
from the Division of Optimization and Systems Theory, Department of
Mathematics, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).


From: Wolfgang Joppich <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 16:51:33 +0100
Subject: Workshop on Scalable Solver Software

Scalable Solver Software 2000 --- SSS2000
Schloss Birlinghoven
Sankt Augustin
February 28 - March 01, 2000


The simulation of climate and environmental problems requires the most
powerful computers and the most efficient algorithms for the solution
of the governing systems of partial differential equations.
The Japanese earth simulator project intends to open new
horizons for this application field with respect both to hardware
and software. A parallel system of more than 5000 PEs is being
built to provide a peak rate of about 40TFlop. Such an architecture
requires solution methods which are both highly scalable and
numerically efficient. GMD-SCAI is cooperating with RIST, the
Japanese research institute which is in charge for the development
of the software of the earth simulator. In this workshop we intend
to bring together numerical analysts, software developers and experts
from climate simulation and weather forecast. We want to initiate
a discussion about the most promising approaches for the different
components of the earth simulator.

The following speakers have already confirmed their participation:

Mr. Yoshimura (RIST), Prof. Trottenberg (GMD), Mr. Iizuka (RIST),
Mr. Nakajima (RIST), Prof. Sumi (Univ. Tokyo), Mr. Sekita (RIST),
Mrs. Rakowski (AWI), Prof. Okuda (RIST), Dr. Mozdzynski (ECMWF),
Prof. Klein (PIK), Dr. Stueben (GMD), Mr. Garatani (RIST),
Mr. Thole (GMD), Mr. Solchenbach (Pallas GmbH), Dr. Roux (Onera),
N.N. CCRL NEC Europe Ltd., N.N. Sandia NL

For further Information look at
or go to, Institutes, SCAI, events

Wolfgang Joppich, GMD-SCAI


From: Kris Sikorski <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 13:42:58 -0700
Subject: AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference

AMS-IMS-SIAM joint summer research conference
Mount Holyoke College, July 16-21, 2000.


Algorithms, Computational Complexity, and Models of Computation
for Nonlinear and Multivariate Problems

Organizing Committee:

G. Allgower, Colorado State University
K. Georg, Colorado State University
K. Sikorski, University of Utah (chair)
F. Stenger, University of Utah

Invited Speakers:

J. Demmel, University of California at Berkeley
S. Heinrich, University of Kaiserslautern
H. Keller, California Institute of Technology
L. Khachiyan, Rutgers University
M. Kowalski, University of Warsaw
T. Y. Li, Michigan State University
P. Mathe, WIAS, Berlin
H. Niederreiter, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wienna
E. Novak, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg
M. Osborne, Australian National University, Canberra
L. Plaskota, University of Warsaw
J. Renegar, Cornell University
K. Ritter, University of Passau
H. Schwetlick, University of Dresden
A. Sommese, Notre Dame University
E. Spedicato, University of Bergamo
I. Sloan, University of New South Wales, Sydney
J.F. Traub, Columbia University
J. Vershelde, University of Leuwen
G. Wasilkowski, University of Kentucky
H. Wozniakowski, Columbia University and University of Warsaw


The meeting will focus on Algorithms, Computational Complexity,
and Models of Computation for Nonlinear and Multivariate Problems.
A brief description of the covered topics can be found at

This meeting is open to all who are interested in these subjects.
If you would like to attend the meeting and have not yet received
an informal invitation from the Program Committee you should contact
the AMS ( or Kris Sikorski
( by March, 2000.

All persons who are interested in participating in this conference
should request an invitation by sending the following information
to Summer Research Conferences Coordinator, AMS, P.O. Box 6887,
Providence, RI 02940, or by e-mail to no later than
March 3, 2000.

1.Title and date of the conference.
2.Full name.
3.Mailing address.
4.Phone numbers (including area code) for office, home, and FAX.
5.E-mail address.
6.Your anticipated arrival/departure dates.
7.Scientific background relevant to the topics; please indicate
if you are a student or if you received your Ph.D. on or after
8.The amount of financial assistance requested (or indicate if
no support is required).

All requests will be forwarded to the organizing committee for
consideration. In late April all applicants will receive formal
invitations (including specific offers of support if applicable),
a brochure of conference information, program information known to
date, along with information on travel and dormitory and other
local housing. All participants will be required to pay a nominal
conference fee.


From: Bruce Wade <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 11:49:51 -0600 (CST)
Subject: IMACS Conference on Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling


International Conference on Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling

May 25-27, 2000, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Authors should submit short papers of length up to four pages,
to be refereed for publication in the Proceedings.
The deadline for submission is February 7, 2000.
Some selected authors will be invited to submit longer
papers in the Proceedings. The official language of the
conference is English. The final versions of the invited articles
are due on or before April 14, 2000. Send papers to:

Dr. S.K. Dey (
Department of Mathematics
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920 (USA)

For more information please visit


From: Jose Castillo <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 12:02:06 -0800 (PST)
Subject: PanAmerican Workshop on Applied and Computational Mathematics


The Third PanAmerican Workshop on Applied and Computational Mathematics
(PWACM III) will be held in Trujillo Peru, April 24-28, 2000. The Workshop will
emphasize applications of mathematics to industry, technology, science and society.
Proposals for mini-workshops, short talks, posters, and short courses are solicited.


From: Plamen Yalamov <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:58:54 +0200 (WET)
Subject: Numerical Analysis Conference in Bulgaria

Rousse, Bulgaria
June 11-15, 2000

- organized by the University of Rousse, Bulgaria
- in cooperation with SIAM
- endorsed by the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS)

This conference follows the meeting held in June 24-28, 1996 at the
University of Rousse. There were more than 80 participants from 22
countries around the world. The refereed proceedings of the first meeting
were published by Spinger Verlag in the LNCS series.

The main tracks of the current conference are:

1. Numerical Linear Algebra.
2. Numerical Methods for Differential Equations.
3. Numerical Modeling.
4. High Performance Scientific Computing.

We invite all interested persons to submit an abstract and/or a paper.

In case if you absolutely cannot access this www site, please e-mail the
abstract to the conference organizers.
In case of e-mail problems in Bulgaria, please contact Marcin Paprzycki at

Detailed and regularly updated information can be found at:


From: Andrew Stuart <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 09:55:22 GMT
Subject: Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Random Dynamical Systems

University of Warwick
Mathematics Institute

LMS Workshop: Numerical Analysis of Random Dynamical Systems
Wednesday 15th March 2000

Tim Hunt (Cambridge)
The triple linkage: a nice example of an Anosov system

Luca Dieci (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Computation of Lyapunov exponents of linear systems: an overview

Andrew Stuart (Warwick)
Under-resolved simulations of heat baths

Ben Leimkuhler (Leicester)
Splitting methods for constant temperature and pressure calculations

Sebastian Reich (Surrey)
Resonance induced stochastic behaviour in molecular systems

Organizers: Sebastian Reich and Andrew Stuart

Registration free. Some limited financial assistance may
be available to graduate students. For further information please see:

or contact:

Elaine Greaves-Coehlo:


From: Fabio Milner <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:27:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Conference on Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling of Biointeraction


August 23-27, 2000
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

We announce the Second International Conference on "Deterministic and
stochastic modeling of biointeraction" organized by the Department of
Mathematics of Purdue University August 23-27, 2000. The meeting will
be held in West Lafayette, seat of the main campus of Purdue University.

Following the first DESTOBIO organized in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1997,
the aim of the meeting is again to bring together people from
the deterministic and stochastic modeling worlds with the expectation
that something useful may come out. We hope this meeting, just like
the one in Bulgaria, will turn out to be very exciting.


1. Deterministic and stochastic approaches to mathematical modeling
in population dynamics, epidemiology, immunology, genetics, neurophysiology,
molecular biology, cell biology, pattern formation, bioecology;
2. Computational biomathematics.
3. Nonlinear dynamics effects. Deterministic and stochastic chaos.

Please check the Web page at

Send e-mail indicating your interest in participating to

In the name of the organizing committee, I welcome you and hope
you will be able to attend.

Fabio Augusto Milner


From: Hamid Arabnia <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 16:06:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Several Simultaneous Conferences in Las Vegas

June 26 - 29, 2000, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The 2000 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed
Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'2000),

The 2000 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems,
and Technology (CISST'2000)

The 2000 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The 2000 International Conference on Mathematics and
Engineering Techniques in Medicine and Biological
Sciences (METMBS'2000)

International Conference on Internet Computing 2000

International Conference on Communications in
Computing (CIC'2000)

First Conference on Distributed Objects in Computational
Science (DOCS'2000)


From: Carol Woodward <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 13:46:19 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) at LLNL has
an immediate opening for a post-doctoral research staff member.
The successful candidate will perform research in the development
of computational methods for implicit formulations of nonlinear
partial differential equations arising in laboratory applications.
They will design algorithms and develop software for these problems,
implement them on massively parallel computers, and conduct scientific
investigations in an application area related to the specific
nonlinear problem being considered. The candidate will also be
expected to pursue independent (but complimentary) research interests.
Responsibilities include the design and implementation of numerical
methods for nonlinear problems arising in scientific applications,
collaboration with laboratory scientists on these applications,
publishing and presenting papers, contributing to group grant
proposals, and establishing independent research projects.

Candidates should hold a PhD in computational science, applied
mathematics or an equivalent field. They should have knowledge
of numerical algorithms for scientific methods, especially nonlinear
and linear solvers, experience programming in C or C++, experience
in large-scale scientific computing, and experience working
independently and as part of a team. The successful candidate
should also have knowledge of issues concerning portable software
development, demonstrated experience communicating in a clear and
concise manner in both oral and written form, and a demonstrated
experience in the identification of complex problems and solutions
in a creative and timely manner.

LLNL offers a challenging environment and a competitive
salary/benefits package. We are located 45 miles east of San
Francisco, California. To apply, send a curriculum vitae, including
computational experience, the names of at least three references
(addresses, telephone, and email where applicable), and a statement
of relevant research experience and interests to:

Dr. Carol S. Woodward (preferred)
Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-561
Livermore, CA 94551

Please indicate in the cover letter that this is in reply to posting
reference number AINU1HOCO. Resumes will be reviewed, and if there
is interest, you will be contacted. US citizenship is required in
order to meet the Department of Energy Security Clearance requirement.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer,
with a commitment to workforce diversity. For more information about
the Center for Applied Scientific Computing, visit our web site at:


From: Do Y. Kwak <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 11:21:42 +0000
Subject: Contents, J. Korea Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Journal of the Korea Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Vol 3. No 2, 1999

Optimal acceleration parameter for the ADI iteration for the real three
dimensional Helmholtz equation with nonnegative omega
Sangback Ma

A Projection algorithm for symmetric Eigenvalue problems
Pil Seong Park

The boundary element method for potential problems with singularities
Beong In Yun

An Algorithm for symmetric indefinite systems of linear equations
Sucheol Yi

How to compute the smallest/largest eigenvalue of a symmetric matrix
Ran Baik

Numerical solution of a constricted stepped channel
problem using a fourth order method
Paulo F. de A. Mancera, Roland Hunt

An Analysis of MMPP//d1,d2/1B queue for traffic shaping of
voice in ATM network
Doo il Choi

Time optimal control problem of retarded semilinear systems with
unbounded operators in Hilbert spaces
Jong-Yeoul Park, Jin-Mun Jeong, Yong-Han Kang

Spline hazard rate estimation using censored data
Myung Hwan Na

An Ostrowski type inequality for weighted mappings with bounded
second derivatives
J. Roumeliotis, P. Cerone, S.S. Dragomir

Enhanced algorithms for reliability calculation of complex system
Seong Cheol Lee

Some properties of maximum length cellular automata
Sung-Jin Cho, Han-Doo Kim, Un-Sook Choi

A Numerical simulation for the performance characterization of heat sinks
Chang Nyung Kim, Sung-il Moon

A Note on some higher order cumulants in k parameter natural exponential family
Hyun Chul Kim

Aerodynamic sensitivity analysis for navier-stokes equations
Hyoung-Jin Kim, Chongam Kim, Oh-Hyun Rho, Ki Dong Lee


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 10:52:46 +0100
Subject: Contents, Surveys on Mathematics for Industry

Surveys on Mathematics for Industry (Springer Vienna/New York)

Vol. 9/1, Table of Contents

W.G. Kropatsch, A. Leonardis and H. Bischof, Hierarchical, adaptive, and robust
methods for image understanding

M. Hoschek, P. Rentrop and Y. Wagner, Network approach and
differential-algebraic systems in technical applications

Vol. 9/2, Table of Contents

H. Igarashi, A. Kost and T. Honma, On the analysis of the magnetic field around
thin materials by integral equations

F. Schmidt, Construction of discrete transparent boundary conditions for
Schroedinger-type equations

M. Witting and T. Pr=F6pper, Cosimulation of electromagnetic fields and
electrical networks in the time domain

G. Hebermehl, R. Schlundt, H. Zscheile and W. Heinrich, Improved numerical
methods for the simulation of microwave circuits

S. Kurz, J. Fetzer, G. Lehner and W.M. Rucker, Numerical analysis of three
dimensional eddy current problems with moving bodies by boundary
element-finite-element method coupling

M. G=FCnter, U. Langer, U. van Rienen, Resume of the collection of articles on
scientific computing in electrical engineering


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